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Hi, I am Lenny Manlay, the creator of Foreign Language Assistance (FLA). My firm offers linguistic services for businesses and private individuals.


Our services are personalized and varied. With our dedicated, specialized and ISO certified partners, we are able to translate into and from over 40 languages, including all major European and Asian languages. Among other subjects, we handle: financial, medical, legal, marketing, technical and IT/Telecom translations. Nowadays, businesses need fast responses and quick turnarounds. Our punctuality and reliability can be trusted.


We also deal with simultaneous, consecutive and whispering interpreting. We will work with you to provide the right service at the right time for the most competitive price. FLA will ensure your projects are dealt with efficiency and correctly.


Should you or your company wish to relocate, I can liaise with the right contact on your behalf and act as a liaison when required. Should you need help with your CV or need to practice interview questions, I can help with that too.


As a qualified linguist, I will help you with your French, English and Italian skills. As a former language teacher, we will work towards your goals and stick to an approach that works for you. Everybody learns differently, so, I will adapt to your level and preferences. I have the material, so, don’t worry!

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Bonjour ! I teach private or small group French language lessons via Skype or Zoom. Flexible scheduling and reasonable prices, all ages and skill levels. Learn more by reading through the site and reaching out through the contact form.
Ciao ! I provide private or small group Italian lessons in the comfort of your home via Skype or Zoom. All skills and ages are welcome! Italian is a beautiful and intricate language and studies show that learning a new language increases analytical thinking skills. Studying a foreign language stimulates the brain, by boosting problem solving skills and improving memory.
Learn the most widely spoken language in the world! I can help you to learn or improve your English speaking and grammar skills so that you may speak like a native. Flexible scheduling and reasonable prices for all ages and skill levels.
If you are moving your residence or business to French, Italian or English speaking countries, I can help you to overcome the language barrier. Let me help you with everything such as official documents and speaking to the right representatives to make your transition easier.
We offer several language services such as Document Translations, Localization Services, Editing/Proofing, Transcription Services, and Interpreting Services. Our area of expertise includes: legal, medical, financial translations, as well as marketing collateral, technical and IT & Telecom Translations.


“I came across Lenny after my French teacher identified some areas where I was struggling.  Lenny was more than happy to focus on my grammar and our fortnightly classes built back my confidence to keep trying.  The informal setting was really relaxed but the work was structured, challenging and applicable to my A-level.  We worked with my books and Lenny’s resources which I could use at home.  What Lenny has been great at is encouraging me to take risks in my speaking; asking questions and helping me develop my answers.  I would definitely recommend this service to any student who just needs that extra boost.”

- Amelia Davis

James Calvert Spence College

“Lenny offers the perfect combination of expertise, commitment, teaching style, and gentle good humour. Our teenage daughter began lessons with Lenny via Skype during lockdown and has learned so much, that we’ll definitely keep things going once schools go back. He has also done some translating work for me in the past and has always done a fabulous job – professional, timely, and cost-effective. I highly recommend his services and have no doubt he will be inundated with requests.”

- James Nottingham, FRSA

Owner & Company Director, Challenging Learning

“As a great admirer of French culture in general, one of my personal ambitions has always been to be able to speak French at least reasonably well.  To which end, I finally found the perfect tutor in Lenny Manlay, a French national who also speaks fluent English and Italian.  In addition, Lenny is extremely personable and dependable, which has made the whole learning process for me a real pleasure.  And all the more as during Lockdown, I’ve been able to continue my French sessions with Lenny via a video conference platform – and how great is that!  Much recommended.”

- Mary Manley

Founding Director, Barter Books, Alnwick, UK

“We enthusiastically recommend Lenny. Lenny has tutored our children for about four years. They had grown up in France but were at risk of losing their language proficiency after we returned to the US. We wanted a tutor who could not just speak with them, but also give them academic instruction (e.g., in grammar and literature) similar to what they would have continued to receive in France. Lenny has been fantastic about working with us to create and deliver a tailored program of study each year that meets these needs. His knowledge of the full scope of French literature is impressive, as is his teaching style. He has appropriately high expectations, but he is always positive, patient, and good-humored.”

- Lisa & Douglas Frank

Washington, DC

“Lenny is a brilliant tutor. Lessons are thought provoking accompanied by excellent workbooks and resources. He goes above and beyond just teaching french and he is currently helping us research for our move to France, from transporting our dogs and horses including discussions regarding relevant legislations, bank accounts, estate agents, and haulage companies. Any issues we have he is very happy to answer them outside of lessons.”

- Amy Roue

“In preparation for an extended visit to France I engaged the services of Lenny to improve my very limited ability to communicate in the French language. We worked on improving my understanding of basic principles of sentence construction, verb conjugation, and importantly words and phrases associated with aspects of every day living in France. Lenny was always professional, punctual and easy to work with. For me Lenny’s patience and constant encouragement meant I had greater confidence to try conversing and writing in French. As a teacher myself I recognise in Lenny the qualities required to be successful and effective in developing pupils to fulfill their potential. As a native french speaker he was kind enough to make calls for me ensuring there were no problems in the organisation of my trip.”

- Jenny Thomas

“Lenny is a very solid, structured teacher. He listens very well to specific needs and wishes. At the same time he is not afraid to challenge you and try to make you strive to really get to the next level.
At first, Lenny and I practiced speaking, listening, writing and reading in daily life. Further down the track, we focused more and more improving my French in financial business implications, where we read articles in financial newspapers and listened to French business radio. Lenny’s specific knowledge on the Financial industry was extremely helpful here. He is able to explain the French on these topics as he also understands the context. 
Above all, Lenny is a very pleasant guy who helps you in taking your French the next level. I have experienced our lessons as insightful, concrete, applicable in daily (business) life and fun!”

- Frank Moers

“Lenny has been teaching me French for about two years. I first contacted him when my husband and I decided to relocate to Paris. He helped me with relocating, providing information for our animals we took with us, helping us locate a neighbourhood and I also took lessons with him to practice my French. I’ve always found Lenny very helpful and he would always go above and beyond to assist. His material is very structured and suitable. I would highly recommend Lenny for any requirements.”

- Jaime Kletter

“I have been re-polishing my old school French with Lenny for several months now. We’ve been doing one lesson per week and I must say, my French is better now than it was after 7 years of French lessons at school. Lenny gives me the opportunity to focus on the areas where I need to improve most, be it business French, conversations, or grammar. With this study plan tailored to my needs I have made great progress and I can fully capitalize on that during meetings with my French associates.”

- Yann Klaus

Consultant Manager

“Job one for Mr. Manlay in conversational lessons is keeping the student at ease so that the discussion may be pleasant and fruitful. Under his supervision, the student has the chance to practice speaking on topics of interest with errors corrected on the spot.  The tension and unease so often concomitant with discoursing in a non-native tongue are reduced thanks to Mr. Manlay’s good humor and capable direction of the conversation. I have taken lessons with him with since 2016 and have no doubt that his assistance and counsel have been and will continue to be of great benefit to me. Newcomers to French desirous of explanations in the lingua franca of the modern age ought not to have qualms. English is a language that Mr. Manlay speaks ably.”

- Elliott Wainwright

Golf Pro, PGA

“I was pleased to work with Lenny on improving my French and appreciate his flexibility in adapting to my needs, preparing for my DELF exam and making sure that I had enough to do in between the lessons. It was fun at the same time, even though that was not an objective in itself but made learning French all the more pleasant.”

- Jasper Klapwijk

“Lenny Manlay provides us with essential translation services and language support in a complex business collaboration with a French architecture studio. As well as speaking to our French counterparts directly about project specific technical requirements, Mr. Manlay translated our documents before submission to the French client. Without Mr. Manlay’s support we would not have been able to partake in an Anglo-French joint partnership. Lenny was very supportive, attentive and professional throughout the process, reacting as and when we needed his language expertise. We would not hesitate to recommend his translation skills.”

- David Thompson

Directory, THAA Architects

“I am 39 years old and French has been a life long dream. I’m a B.S. to PhD candidate in math. I’m diligent, hardworking, and strive to be a master of my craft. I expect and will settle for nothing else than a language tutor that has the same approach to learning. Lenny’s approach to language learning is adaptive, dynamic and FUN! I respect that he is a master of his craft too. His depth and breadth of knowledge of the language combined with a skillful ability to adapt to what I enjoy makes learning French both effective and enjoyable. I started with Lenny as a complete beginner and look forward to working with him through fluency.”

- Chasity May

“I have been working with Lenny since 2017 when he started tutoring me in French. He is knowledgeable, personable, professional and flexible. Aside from bringing my level up from intermediate/conversational to advanced/fluent, he has also helped me with literary translation of plays and poetry. He is the only tutor/translator with solid enough skills to attack literature from both sides (French and English).  Additionally, he helped me update my CV and translate my linkedin profile into French. He’s a pleasure to work with and I’ve seen his success with students of all ages. (I recently shared him with my eight year old goddaughter.) Thanks, Lenny!”

- Brady Lea

CEO, Emeritus, The Well Group

“Lenny Manlay has been my Italian tutor for three years and he has made my Skype online lessons fun. Lenny has a fantastic approach to learning a foreign language that starts with the basics of grammar, which are the foundations to all languages. Lenny has been very patient and understanding with me as i have found learning a foreign language a struggle. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Lenny Manlay to someone wanting to learn a foreign language.”

- Antony Minutillo