Welcome to FLA


We inhabit a world that is taking great strides in automation – a lot of which comes with unintended consequences.


Language translation and transcription services are available with highly automated results, but most businesses derive much greater benefit from a personalized, human-led and managed service.


Foreign Language Assistance, with our dedicated, specialized and ISO certified partners, are able to translate into and from over 40 languages, including all major European and Asian languages.


We can offer this service at a competitive cost, because we have a tightly integrated, well managed team of professional translators who are drawn on and targeted directly for your translation projects.


This integration allows us to quickly respond to your business translation needs and provides you with quick turnarounds.


Do you need a document, contract, video or recording translated and transcribed in record time? Our punctuality, reliability, and above all our accuracy can be trusted.


We also deal with simultaneous, consecutive and whispering interpreting. We will work with you to provide the right service at the right time for the most competitive price. FLA will ensure your projects are dealt with efficiency and correctly.


Human-led translation is repeatedly found to provide the highest levels of accuracy (hitting rates about 99%) – even when dealing with poorer quality audio or complex languages or technical topics.


Quality translation and transcription results demand a quality, timely and focused service – which is guaranteed at Foreign Language Assistance.


As qualified linguists, we can also liaise with your customers directly (and in confidence) or provide you with enhanced context for you business developments.


Take a good look at FLA – come to the same conclusion others have already.