Welcome to FLA


Hi, I am Lenny Manlay, the creator of Foreign Language Assistance (FLA). My firm offers linguistic services for businesses and private individuals.


Our services are personalized and varied. With our dedicated, specialized and ISO certified partners, we are able to translate into and from over 40 languages, including all major European and Asian languages. Among other subjects, we handle: financial, medical, legal, marketing, technical and IT/Telecom translations. Nowadays, businesses need fast responses and quick turnarounds. Our punctuality and reliability can be trusted.


We also deal with simultaneous, consecutive and whispering interpreting. We will work with you to provide the right service at the right time for the most competitive price. FLA will ensure your projects are dealt with efficiency and correctly.


Should you or your company wish to relocate, I can liaise with the right contact on your behalf and act as a liaison when required. Should you need help with your CV or need to practice interview questions, I can help with that too.


As a qualified linguist, I will help you with your French, English and Italian skills. As a former language teacher, we will work towards your goals and stick to an approach that works for you. Everybody learns differently, so, I will adapt to your level and preferences. I have the material, so, don’t worry!