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Language Tutoring

How long to become fluent in a new language?

You only get out what you put in. The more committed you are, the greater the results! We all learn differently and at a different pace.

To ensure quick progress, we will design a suitable plan together, which works for you. Fluency takes a while to master, however regular practice will enable you to develop a better command of the language. Your first step is to have the discipline to follow a structured and balanced guide, including grammar, conversation, vocabulary building and reading. Once you have the basics under your belt, learning and practicing additional phrases will make the learning process a lot smoother.

How many hours should I practice every week?

I would recommend at least a minimum of 2 hours a week with me. However, studying and learning a little bit everyday on your own to familiarize yourself with the language is essential. Choose your preferred pace and method. Learn a new verb, a few phrases, revise what you have already covered. Avoid postponing studying as this will only delay your progress and affect your motivation. How much or how little you do is irrelevant, what matters is consistency. The quality and speed of your progress will very much depend on your determination and personal dedication.

What is the best age to learn a new language?

Young brains are similar to a sponge as they will absorb the information quicker and more easily. So, the younger, the better. However, age doesn’t matter and should not stop you from learning a language. I will help you, regardless of your age, level and expectations.

Do you provide small group lessons or lessons for business abroad?

Yes, the lessons are based on your requirements and expectations. Skype and Zoom offer huge flexibility, regardless of your location. Please contact us for any questions you might have.

Do you offer help with exam preparation?

Yes, please get in touch with your questions and type of exam so that I may offer a customized plan for your needs.  I have helped students to prepare for the TEFL, ESL, EFL, DELF, DALF, and more!

What are your fees?

Language Instruction: New customers will benefit from a 10% introductory discount for their first class. Online lessons range from $40-$60/hr  |  £30-£45/hr  |   €35-€50/hr depending on the student’s level and on the complexity of the subject. The fee will not change, irrespective of how many students join in, so you can easily split the cost among yourselves.
Translation Services:  15% introductory discount to new customers for their first translation project. A minimum fee of $60 / £50 / €55 will apply. Translations are usually charged per word, yet many parameters need to be taken into account for pricing, please contact us for a quote.
Interpreting Services: Charged on an hourly basis. When two interpreters work, the number of work hours is doubled. The minimum rate is calculated per 2 hours.
Relocation Services: Minimum charge for our relocation service is $120 / £100 / €110
Transcription Services: Charged per minute.
Editing and Proofreading Services: Charged per word or hour depending on the particularities of the project.
Desktop Publishing Services (DTP): Charged per page, project or hour.


Please get in touch for anything else you require assistance with and we will endeavor to send you a competitive quote as soon as possible.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds for any project due to cancellation ordered by the client, can be as follows:

The portion of charges for work already performed is not refundable.

Should Foreign Language Assistance (FLA) receive a cancellation request prior to the completion of an order, the charges for the portion of work not yet performed may be refundable.

A minimum of 12 hours for online language cancellation is required to obtain a full refund. Otherwise, the full amount will be charged.


Please get in touch for anything else you require assistance with and we will endeavor to send you a competitive quote as soon as possible.

How do we connect for online lessons?

Simple! Just contact me by completing this form. I will reach out to you to review your goals, expectations and agree on a day/time that works for you. Please be sure your email is correct as this is how I will respond to you quickly.

On the day of your lesson, please log-in to your Skype or Zoom account. I will call you using one of these platforms. If you have any questions, I am available to help.

Relocation Services

I'm moving to a new country, how can you help?

Linguistically, we will do our utmost to help. With your consent, we are able to liaise with key contacts to help with this transition. We will be your dedicated project manager helping you from start to finish. All the information will be clearly communicated to you so you fully understand what’s happening.

What countries/regions do you offer relocation services for?

French, Italian and English speaking countries.

Do you offer legal or medical translation services?

Yes, we offer both. Please pay attention to personal data when sending us documents containing personal information due to GDPR. Should your documents contain personal data, you can redact those if able. Otherwise, you can zip, encrypt and password protect your attachments. We offer a wide range of language combinations and subjects due to our trusted and strictly selected partners.

My business is relocating, how can you help me?

Our business is there to facilitate communication in order for your message to be clearly understood. Please tell us what you require and we will act as a liaison on your behalf and talk to key contacts to ensure your linguistic expectations are met and exceeded. You will be kept in the loop about the progress on a regular basis, you will not need to chase us for an update, we are on the case.

Quality Policy

Our aim is to provide our customers with linguistic services of the highest quality, facilitating their effective international communication and more rapid business growth.
Our quality policy is a tool to help us achieve our goal – to satisfy and exceed customer expectations, to proceed hand in hand with innovations in the language industry, and to ensure the professional and personal growth of our vendors, along with business growth and prosperity. Their quality policy is based on the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 international standards.

Payment of Services

Please contact us for a quote.  Once a quote is agreed upon, we accept payment via paypal or alternative transfers.


If inquiring about language lessons, please provide days and times that you are available as well as the largest city near you so I can calculate your time zone.