Education Support

Teaching time and student support resources are stretched ever thinner today – especially given the current pandemic situation with its requirements for social distancing and classroom closures.
Education Support services allow you to address areas of language tuition that your current staff and faculty members find cumbersome – across both K-12 and College-level environments.
By tasking FLA to provide background services, your front-line staff are freed to provide the focused attention your students deserve. Common examples:

  • Virtual Study Hall: Provide TA-style support for students in a one-on-one or group setting. Language questions can be answered and examples given, while still ensuring the students complete the work in their own time.
  • Grammar tuition: Punctuation and variation of word choice to give students the ability to correctly form any number of sentences that match their intended speech.
  • Spoken-word homework support: Presentation and idiom support to allow students to interact with classmates and teachers in a suitable natural-language manner.
  • Conversational sentence structure testing: Free-form conversations with students and teaching staff to allow the practice and surveying of current language capabilities.
  • Virtual classroom teaching assistance: Provide technical back-stopping for existing online teaching facilities to assist the teaching staff in providing more focused and individual support to students in class.

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If inquiring about language lessons, please provide days and times that you are available as well as the largest city near you so I can calculate your time zone.