Interpreting Services

FLA provides Consecutive, Simultaneous, and Whisper Interpretation Services.

  • Consecutive interpreting: This refers to interpretation where the speaker and interpreter speak in turns. To ensure the accuracy of the translation, the interpreter usually makes brief notes while the speaker is speaking. This type of interpreting does not require any special equipment.
  • Simultaneous interpreting: This refers to interpretation where an interpreter translates at the same time as the speaker speaks. Usually the interpreter lags behind the speaker by no more than one sentence. Simultaneous interpreting requires special conference equipment. The interpreter has no direct contact with the speaker; he or she works in the interpreter’s booth and listens to the speaker via headphones.
  • Whisper interpreting: This refers to simultaneous interpretation, which does not require any specialist equipment. The interpreter quietly translates what the speaker says to the listener. Whisper interpreting is used when only a small part of the audience requires the help of an interpreter.

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