Translation Services

Our translation services transfer the original meaning and intent of text from its original language into the client’s target language. This is not simply a word-for-word translation, but rather an accurate translation that ensures that the text sounds natural as if prepared by a native of the target language.

We cover most topics and language combinations with our extensive partner list.  Our partner translators include: linguists, engineers, medical doctors, legal and financial professionals.  Please contact us to learn more.

Translation Services For

Medical Translation

From medical devices to healthcare, medical publishing  and beyond, our life science localization experts are here for you.

  • »  Medical journals and Manuals
  • »  Medical packaging and labeling
  • »  Case studies
  • »  Patient records and consent forms
  • »  Clinical protocols
  • »  Informational booklets

Marketing Translation

Translate your brand and message across international markets on any subject matter.

  • »  Brochures and promotional materials
  • »  Newsletters
  • »  Press Releases
  • »  Banner adverts
  • »  Questionnaires

Financial Translation

  • »  Annual financial statements and audit reports
  • »  Management reports, annual reports, quarterly reports
  • »  Private banking sector, time deposit contracts and/or savings accounts
  • »  Share issue and shareholder reports
  • »  Stock market reports and analyses
  • »  Risk analyses (e.g. country risk analyses)

Legal Translation

  • »  Legal Services: Contracts, Deeds, Statements, Reports
  • »  Insurance: Claim Forms, Policy Information, Accident Reports
  • »  Government: Notices of rights, consent forms, complaints, letters requiring response, applications, public outreach

Technical Translation

  • » User Manuals and User Guides
  • » Online Help Materials
  • » Training Materials

IT/Telecommunication Translation

  • »  Technical documents
  • »  Manuals
  • »  Software applications
  • »  Contracts
  • »  Any documentation related to IT or telecommunication sector

Document Translation

We can translate any type of content quickly and accurately to help grow your business, facilitate communication, increase efficiency, and strengthen compliance.


If inquiring about language lessons, please provide days and times that you are available as well as the largest city near you so I can calculate your time zone.