Learn Italian

Together, we will create a curriculum that fits your needs and expectations through individual or small group Italian lessons. We will learn via Skype or Zoom, both free video conferencing applications. We offer reasonable prices and flexible schedules.

If you are interested in Italian language tutoring, please complete this form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.  We will then discuss your goals, level of understanding, potential curriculum, as well as provide a reasonable quote.


Upon agreement, we will send you a PayPal link for payment processing. Because needs among students can vary, the hourly quote may range from $40-$60/hr  |  £30-£45/hr  |   €35-€50/hr. The fee will not change, irrespective of how many students join in, so you can easily split the cost among yourselves! The nature and the complexity of a subject will also determine the cost of the lesson. Please get in touch and explain in detail what you are seeking. We will then be in a position to email you a more accurate quote. Depending on distance, we might be able to arrange lessons in person, face-to-face.

Ciao ! I can help students or children to become better Italian speakers or to ace that exam! We will use a variety of materials to build proficiency - from grammar and building your vocabulary, to perfecting your pronunciation.
Whether you want to learn Italian for pleasure or business, I can help you to achieve your goals. We provide customized curriculums and flexible hours so that you can speak and write like a native. We can listen to videos, read press articles, novels, discuss a topic you are interested in, handle role plays, work on verbs and grammar, improve your pronunciation or develop your fluency. Irrespective of your age and level, I have all the necessary material to help you succeed, choose your preference and I will adapt.

Why Learn Italian?

Italian is a beautiful romantic language and is the most studied language in the world for culture and pleasure! From architecture to the best food, we will study all things Italian.
Doing business in or relocating your own business to Italy? You will need to know how to read and understand official documents, how to complete job applications or write a resume.
Learning Italian as a second language opens up a world of benefits - the fastest way to learn the language is to travel to Italy and immerse yourself in its culture.